Experiments with the Linksys NSLU2 - the Slug
introduced me to the Slug - it explains how to add a HD webcam and provides a ready made firmware
the picture quality is fantastic - and you can run 2 cameras at once.

There is lots of documentation on the Slug here

I managed to build a working OpenWRT Kamikaze tool-chain and can compile c-code
- so I decided I would try to make it control external circuits, run an HD camera and a USB2 external disk on Samba and FTP

There are only a few GPIO ports but there is a working i2c line used for a real time clock chip on the PCB


i2c notes - (developed with the Slug but also of use to the Sweex/Edimax routers)

i2c drivers for common chips that compile for Debian or OpenWrt

NSLU2 (Slug) driving a PIC microprocessor as an i2c slave to control 2 model servos

Remote PIC as i2c slave as general purpose measurement device

PIC as i2c slave with Graphic Display

PIC as i2c slave with Graphic Display - drawing primitive elements (lines, circles etc) on command

Using the LCD03 4x20 LCD and keypad with i2c

link to old Sweex i2c notes

SE95 13bit i2c thermometer using i2cget, i2cset and Python

Playing MP3 and WAV sound files on Debian Slug

Blassic Basic for Debian Slug

Clone a Debian Slug - copy Slug firmware and USB disk contents to a new system

OpenWrt (mainly) Notes - make a Slug boot up on it's own if the power goes off then on again

OpenWrt Slug as a USB gadget - mimic a USM memory stick - not yet working

OpenWrt Kamikaze on a Slug - boot from USB stick - avoid having to have a USB disk spinning all the time for simple control uses

Debian Notes- hardware add-ons - Use a USB Flash drive with a swap partition (but set minimal use of swap - and reduce memory use)
add a UVC Webcam - add Motion - add a WIFI dongle - add a USB/rs232 adapter

Debian Notes - cgi PHP etc - Where to put files to make a web server with external device control scripts

Adding a digital picture frame - Brute force method!

Openwrt with HD webcam - update 2011
- Python for cgi scripting - all in the internal flash

Debian Slug with Easycap USB to video converter

OpenWrt Slug with Easycap USB to video converter - ALSO cheap camera for mjpg_streamer

OpenWrt Slug Backfire toolchain - used to compile helloworld, Blassic and usbscale