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Experiments with the O2 Joggler

Some more notes to aid my memory
Beware! - my method is "Copy, Paste and Pray" using the code of clever people I find via Google - thanks to all!
Please email me if you do have any information or application ideas


1) Display on a web page the data gathered by my other "Linux on router" systems using the CGI script method noted on this site for other platforms.
2) Control the Joggler i2c bus for external device control
from a web page (I have a big i2c network using i2c long-line drivers).
3) Control/monitor my greenhouse from the Joggler touch screen via buttons on a web page.


1) Reloading my software onto a Joggler Ubuntu distro update

2) Running C code and scripts from a web page to control the i2c light sensor etc / remove Firefox scroll bars / script the sound volume

3) Sending the Joggler the F11 key code from a mouse and getting Flash to run with Firefox

4) Running lighttpd as root to allow cgi scripts to run Joggler programs

5) Set a fixed LAN address in the dysentry distro - dd backup note - Shutdown note

6) Connect to the internal i2c bus for external device control

7) Dim backlight after inactivity - brighten when screen touched or mouse moved

8) Experiments with the O2 native OS

9) Recovering a "bricked" Joggler

10) Running Skpe on Ubuntu Joggler - get the webcam microphone to work


The Joggler is described in this Wiki - ( link updated Nov 2010 )

It was briefly on offer for £50 (having been sold at £150 then £100 - now £100 again)

There are 2 distros of Ubuntu available - (many thanks) - the Stephen Ford (Dysentry) images - Ubuntu Netbook Remix - the Dysentry discussion - the disca image files - standard Ubuntu cut down - the disca forum discussion

More key links
- well organised forum large active forum - forum based on the £50 offer -
good German site in english - some good hardware tips - some code - including the readlightsensor work (many thanks) - run the original firmware from the Ubuntu distro

Original O2 code and modifications - more apps on the original Joggler Flash help

Misc. Notes

BBC Live TV links

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