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Skype on an Ubuntu Joggler

Run Skype with my UVC webcam Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000

Load Ubuntu from and donate

With the default menubar at the top of the screen there is not enough screen height to see the buttons needed to set up Skype

So - move the top bar to the side -

type "gconf-editor" in the Ubuntu terminal and press enter
under app - panel - toplevels - top_panel
see "orientation" on the right screen
change top to left
press return
file - quit

Load Skype (Ubuntu 32bit) from

Video works with no problem but the mono microphone on the webcam does not show up as an option in the Skype tools menu.

So read

I did this -

Use Synaptic Package Manager to install pavucontrol

Start Skype and initiate a test call (the Skype testing service).

Start pavucontrol while the test call is running.

In pavucontrol there is a tab called Recording where you can select the input device for the application Skype

after that it seems to keep running OK

(Earlier I had tried "Remove pulseaudio and install esound"
That also worked but there was no sidebar icon to adjust the volume and sound was a bit broken up.)


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