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Raspberry Pi Projects
- more notes for my bad memory . . . .

1 Using a postal scale with the Raspberry Pi

2 Using a Raspberry Pi as master of my home and garden LAN controlling ESP8266 etc

3 Using the GPIO pins and I2C devices - wiringpi etc

4 I2C devices - C code

5 Raspi 3.5 inch LCD in Kiosk mode

6 Set up i2c with LM75

7 Run root scripts from a web page

8 tm1638 8 digit 7 segment display board with buttons and leds

. . 9a Send numeric command codes and 2 byte data words to and from an Arduino using i2c

. . 9b Use Raspberry Pi i2c master to read thermistor temperatures from Arduino Nano, display temperatures on LCD screen on Arduino Mega

. . 9c Raspberry Pi sending coloured text to x/y screen coordinates on Arduino Mega i2c slave with UTFT LCD screen

10 Setting up a Raspberry Pi Zero

11 Getting cgi scripting to work in Rasbian Jessie with Apache2

12 Send data from Raspberry Pi to LCD screen on Arduino UNO via ESP8266

13 Getting the Raspberry Pi Watchdog to run

14 Beehive Scales

15 Sending and receiving SMS messages

16 Using Amazon Alexa to control devices on my LAN

17 MQTT and Node-RED

18 MQTT - count bees with an IR proximity detector

19 Alexa to IFTTT to MakerChannel to any Home LAN devices - FANTASTIC !!!!

20 Google Assistant on Raspberry Pi  to IFTTT to MakerChannel to any Home LAN devices - with "OK Google wake word"

21 SSD1306 124x64 OLED i2c display

22 ST7735 128x190 TTF colour SPI display

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