Using Visual Basic to retrieve the jpg images from the IP 9x00
I am no VB expert! - But these notes may help you get started in this task

This webpage gives several ways to retrieve an image from a web page and have it available for display in a Picture Box in a Visual Basic 6 program.

The Microsoft Internet Transfer Control does the work of addressing the Internet.I used the code presented in this webpage on 18 Nov 03 13:08 by "strongm" in the "Visual Basic(Microsoft): Version 5 & 6 Forum"
This seems to avoid the need to save the retrieved pictures to disk before displaying them.The VB project files to pull the picture from "" (the location of the camera on my LAN) continuously are given here.

Using Visual Basic to control the Channel in the IP 9100

The control program needs to send out to choose the fourth channel (they are numbered 0-3).

The MSDN library shows how to use POST to do this. A crude example project is given here

Scanning the channels and saving the pictures

Adapting Brett's VBS script in Visual Basic 6

b_ironmonger writes in and includes a VB script that can scan the 4 inputs of the IP 9100 and save the pictures to the local hard drive.

I copied his script into Visual Basic 6 and found that it ran without modification. VB is my only (partial) programming skill. So I added a loop and made the VB show the pictures.

I then built a web page to see the pictures stored on disk on my server (family use only!).

I do not like to think of my PC thumping the hard disk every few seconds for ever so I use a RAM disk (free for personal use from codeguru.

Files associated with this example are found here as a zip file



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