Investigating the Bifferboard


These are my project notes to aid my memory when I wonder how I did it in a few weeks (days?) time
Many thanks to Bifferos and friends for answering my many "new user" questions

See if I can do all I did on the nslu2 (Slug) but at 1Watt (for a mobile, web connected, battery driven robot control system)

1) First look - misc. notes

2) Using the ready-made files

3) Removing "terminal chatter" from the serial port ttyS0

4) A 12 Volt to 5 Volt switch mode powersupply

5) "Distro" - some ready-made files for a external device control system

6) Adding a PIC micro by i2c - for Servomotor control of a webcam

7) A "Load it, run it" distro for Debian on Bifferboard - first tests (i.e. WORK IN PROGRESS!!!)

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